Pracownia BBGK

Tomasz Skalski, project director

Architect, gained experience in PRC Architekci and architecture offices in Dublin. He has started working with BBGK Architekci in 2015, managing projects Mennica Residence at Grzybowska street and New Grochowska in Warsaw.

Mariusz Wronowski, creative director

Architect and urbanist, gained experience working in Konior Studio. He started working with BBGK Architekci in 2014. He has worked on, among others, Mennica Residence at Grzybowska street, Targowek Przemyslowy Masterplan, Young City Masterplan on the shipyard area in Gdansk.

Marta WereszczyƄska, managing director

Economist, top-level manager - has 6 years of experience as Managing Director and President of the Board.